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Bulldog Online

We teamed up with Bulldog Yoga again to build an online portal for their customers to stream their awesome yoga classes online and an e-commerce solution for bulldog apparel.

The Challenge

Bulldog online is a stand alone website from Comprised of a yoga class membership platform and apparel shop, the challenge was to effectively emphasize, enlighten and simplify the purchase flow of the online yoga membership feature while still making the apparel shop easily identifiable.

Oh and, there was that whole thing where we had to make sure the user understood they were purchasing a video streaming membership for online classes as opposed to an in-studio membership.

The Result

Honestly, one of our all time favorites. Creating something new with such an awesome brand is one of the best benefits of this work. Bulldog Online is a beautifully designed streaming video subscription and e-commerce platform that represents this amazing brand in true bulldog form.

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