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Bulldog Yoga

Teaming up with a Bulldog Yoga has been a great experience. Together we created, designed & developed a wonderful compliment to their amazing yoga brand. It's Yoga with a Musical Heart, or as they like to call it, "Yoga, Rebooted!"

The Challenge

When Bulldog Yoga came to us, they had an incredible concept and a cool name. They wanted to establish an online brand identity based on their vision and it was up to us to help them conceptualize and create that identity.

The challenge was not only establish an identity but to convey the immense passion they have for their brand and product.

The Result

A clean, fun and energetic website experience that's intuitive, engaging and challenges you to give the bulldog lifestyle a try.

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A talented, creative and thoughtful team that really CARES about their work and the success of their clients.

Jon Cummins - COO, Amerimar Enterprises, Inc.